Tribute to my first love

It's the first time in your life you have had a taste of heaven - the first time you fall in love. It's like all of your emotions are unleashed and you are on this incredible high, where everything is a fairy tale and you have such great [slightly naive] hope for the future. I think most people would agree that falling in love for the first time is the most wonderful experience of a lifetime.

Then comes the after-party. After the young fairy tale descends and the couple splits apart and moves on, will they always stay attached? Maybe, over time, they realize that they don't belong together and all of that. But a part still stays attached; it is the one memory, the one feeling that you will never be able to replace.

I know it's different for different people, but still I wonder; if people were honest about it, what would they say? Would they admit that a little part of them has always been curious that maybe that first person was the right one? And it could've worked out? Or will they say that realistically, it was just an emotional high of hormones and that when they fell in love again with their new sweetheart, it's a whole new, better, wonderful feeling?

Perhaps when you first fall in love, you are more in love with the idea of being in love then the actual person. People are in love with the idea of having somebody to come home to, with no matter really who that person is.

Do soulmates exist? Falling in love for the first time is special, but then when you go on with your life and find 'the one,' the person made just for you, is it an even more blissful feeling where you know for sure they are meant for you, and you completely detach from your first love?

Maybe it's so difficult to get over your first love because it is a bubble, a secure bubble that you were in for a while where you felt invincible, like anything was possible and the world was a magical, wonderful place. Then reality pops that bubble as you grow older and mature. We realize that there are going to be greater relationships out there, but we feel safer clinging to that naive dream of a perfect world. It's like wanting to go back to childhood once you become faced with adult responsibilities - you know you live a great, adult life but every once in a while, wish you could just go back for even a moment to simpler times when life seemed magical.

I'm only curious because I've just experienced my first love. It's been a couple of months since the break-up and I have all sorts of contemplations. Is the only reason I feel so attached to this guy, believe that we are meant to be together and all of that... is the only reason I feel that way because he is my first love, and the guy I lost my virginity to? Part of me feels like I could never love anybody as much as him, that nobody could ever understand me like he does, etc. But then I read this quote:

"With maturity, your capacity to love another human being grows."

Maybe your first love is simply like the training wheels of a bike. It is the foundation that sets up the future and once you get through the beginning stage, you can do the most amazing things with your bike. You couldn't have done it without the first time, but it gets so much better after that. Is that what first love is like? Or is it preposterous to compare bike riding to the complexities of love?

Then again, maybe love is simple. Maybe we just complicate it and make it out to be a lot more difficult than it really is. Maybe love is actually an extremely simple idea. Wouldn't that be nice?

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